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Lindsey Nicholson

YPA Executive Committee

Lindsey has worked at some of the biggest stock houses in the industry, starting at The Stock Market Photo Agency (now part of Corbis). She was then recruited by Index Stock Imagery (now part of Photolibrary) where she played an integral part in collection acquisitions and catalog design and production. Lindsey then joined ImageState as Director of Photography helping to integrate several recently acquired collections. In 2004, when Wireimage decided to expand their offering into a commercial stock library, they looked to Lindsey for her knowledge of the market and ability to work closely with photographers to create strong images. Most recently Lindsey spent three years at Jupiterimages where she managed and produced images for two royalty-free collections. Currently Lindsey is a freelance photo consultant working with prestigious clients, including Doug Menuez, Jack Hollingsworth and DesignPics Inc.