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At Parsons, a diverse community of students develops critical thinking skills and applies them to challenges ranging from environmental degradation to physical accessibility and humanitarian crises. Through a network of interconnected design laboratories, students explore global phenomena at multiple sites and scales of engagement, from on-campus research initiatives to partnerships that effect change in New York and around the world. In fall 2013, we began offering undergraduate degree programs at our new Paris campus—visit Parsons Paris to learn more. Selected graduate programs will launch in fall 2014. Throughout their journey, Parsons students benefit from instruction and mentorship by some of the most accomplished artists, designers, architects, photographers, illustrators, scholars, and critics in the world. Under the guidance of this renowned faculty, they learn to weave together different areas of expertise to radically rethink their fields. Although Parsons provides the tools to master a single discipline, the practical knowledge students acquire and the collaborative methods they learn can be applied in a variety of contexts. All of these possibilities befit Parsons' tradition of challenging convention, anticipating trends, and improving the world—a tradition embodied by Parsons alumni, who lead their fields by creating art and design that matters. Please visit Parson's website for more information.