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Scott Mc Kiernan

CEO/Founder ZUMA Press

Scott Mc Kiernan is a media industry pioneer and leader. Mc Kiernan’s dynamic leadership of his ZUMA Press family of companies, as well as decades of wide-ranging experience in photojournalism have proven to be instrumental in establishing one of the largest editorial photo agencies in the world and the first digital age picture agency, ZUMA Wire. Recent ventures include and the Kona Gallery, the first pure photojournalism gallery. Mc Kiernan’s design work, picture editing and photography have won numerous major awards, and ZUMA’s roster of stellar top photojournalists have won every major photo industry award, including Pictures of The Year (POYi), Best of Photojournalism (NPPA’s BOP), Communications Arts, World Press Awards as well as a few Pulitzers. Mc Kiernan was a judge of the 2010 POYi contest, and of many previous photo contests, including NPPA BOP.