2011 Mentoring Program

Theme: Everything is Energy

Without energy we would not exist. Energy is an internal or inherent power that has the capacity of acting, operating, or producing an effect, whether exerted or not. For this project talented photography students explore the world of energy.

2011 Mentoring Program Teams

Project Brief to the Students

Young Photographer’s Alliance invited the next generation of photographers to explore the theme of energy, to discover the powerful forces that shape our world, our politics, our environment, our lives and ourselves. This mentoring project sent teams of talented college students and emerging photographers along with their professional photography mentors into the field to find unique and inspiring perspectives on the meaning of “energy” as it affects us in the 21st century.

Energy is anything and everything; it can be human, physical, mental or spiritual; a force of nature; it can be mechanical, technical, invented or created. The goal of this project was for the participants to harness their skills as image-makers and to look beyond the obvious, to explore the theme metaphorically in a way that sheds new light on the human condition.

Through a series of thought provoking images and a brief essay, the students were challenged to bring insight, inspiration and energy to the viewer.

About the Mentoring Program

Everything is Energy was the 2011 theme for the annual Young Photographers Alliance mentoring program which provides encouragement and assistance to young photographers entering the field, through a project that explores the power of photography to communicate, document and inspire. Talented college students and recent graduates are partnered with leading photographers who act as mentors to collaborate on a photo essay around a compelling social theme. The program gives emerging photographers the ability to work with successful professionals to fine tune their craft, create images for their portfolios, develop business and skills and explore markets for their work. At the same time they experience the power of photography to build community awareness and support around an important environmental or social issue.


62 college photography students
27 professional photographer mentors






United States
Atlanta, GA
Boston, MA
Chicago, IL
Denver, CO
Houston, TX
Los Angeles, CA
New York, NY
San Diego, CA
Seattle, WA

United Kingdom

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