2010 Awards Ceremony & Benefit Auction


The 2010 Awards Ceremony and Benefit Auction was held at the Metropolitan Pavilion, New York, on October 12, 2010. Thanks go to everyone who made the event a real blast! We managed to raise valuable funds for next year’s programs from ticket sales, the silent and online auctions, and the raffle.

A big thank you to everyone who helped with the preparation and organization of the event. In particular YPA would like to thank Lynn Martin; our dedicated Events Committe, Don Bitzer, Lindsey Nicholson, Lisa Curesky, and Yvette Naylor; and our enthusiastic volunteers, Arturo Santos, Aurelie Graillot, Courtney Smith, Dawn Bauer, Dexter Lane, Eric Schwortz, John Stukes, Katina Houvouras, Pascaline Klein, Philippe Paktor, Robert Herman, Sumner Hatch, and Tegan Mahford.

2010 Awards Ceremony & Benefit Auction Gallery. Images by Robert Herman.

A quick review of the night…

Six promising young photographers were presented with awards sponsored by our Major Founding Sponsor ASMP Foundation, as well as APA, Alamy, Jerry Tavin, and Photolibrary. YPA was honored to have some of the country’s finest photographers present the awards: Barbara Bordnick, Doug Menuez, Eric Meola, Michel Tcherevkoff, Ron Haviv and Timothy Greenfield Sanders.

Many thanks to all the photographers who generously donated their work for auction:

Aaron Fineman
Aaron Graubart
Adam Jones
Alex Wasilewski
Amy Arbus
Amy Lyne
Andrew Davidhazy
Anita Calero
Ashok Sinha
Barbara Bordnick
Beowulf Sheehan
Bettman Archives/Corbis
Bonnie Eveline Briant
Brad Feinknopf
Brad Trent
Brian Lav
Cameron Davidson
Carey Kirkella
Carissa Pelleteri
Carl R. Sams
Carl Vornberger
Chalkie Davies
Charles Gullung
Chris Jordan
Christopher Lowell
Daniel Kramer
Darrell Gulin
David Burnett
David Wells
Don White
Doug Menuez
Elizabeth Zeilon
Eric Schwortz
Erik Palmer
Evan Kafka
Frank Rocco
George Del Barrio
Getty Images/Grant Faith
Hans Neleman
Henry Horenstein
Herbert Ascherman
Howard Schatz
Hye-Ryoung Min
J. Ryan Roberts
J.T. Burke
Jaime Permuth
Jason Florio
Jennifer Olsen
Jerry Monkman
Jesse Ditmar
Jill Enfield
Jill Waterman
Jim Krantz
Jimmy Fikes
John Lund
John Slemp
Jon Feinstein
Joy Goldkind
Judith Monteferrante
Kay Kenny
Keith Levit
Kevin Adams
Kevin Cummins
Kristin Holcomb
Kristofer Dan-Bergman
Lori Grinker
Luca Bracali
Manjari Sharma
Marcus Gaab
Martyn Thompson
Mary Robert
Michael Lewis
Morten Smidt
Neil Stewart
Nina Buesing
Pamela Hanson
Peter Riesett
Rachel Barrett
Rebecca Reeve
Rich McGuigan
Richard Bryant
Richard Feldman
Richard Foulser
Rob Lang
Robert A Schaefer Jr
Robert Herman
Roy Hsu
Russ Quackenbush
Ryan Pfluger
Ryan Schude
Sam Diephuis
Scott W Baker
Sean Justice
Sebastian Smith
Shannon Fagan
Spencer Jones
Stephen Mallon
Stuart Westmorland
Toby McFarlan Pond
Tony Gale
Vincent Dixon

There was also a preview exhibition of photo essays from the 2010 mentoring program on the theme of Answering Adversity.

All profits help fund the various programs we run. YPA gratefully acknowledges the generous support of its sponsors and supporters. The YPA scholarship awards are given through the Worldstudio AIGA Scholarship Program.