Anthony Colli

Anthony Colli


Words & Images © Anthony Colli. Team Los Angeles.

Historically silence has been used as a powerful tool to convey a wide range of emotions. It has been used to instill the feelings of hopelessness and oppression but has also been used to show tranquility and serenity. For my YPA 2018 photo series, I aim to use the theme of silence to explore the feelings of the long forgotten using old abandoned theaters as my subjects.

The theaters chosen for this series were once grand communal centers that for whatever reason closed and were left abandoned and in a state of decay. These theaters relate to the theme of “Silence” in that despite their prestige they are often times left forgotten and the once grand centers of social interaction have become isolated areas where no one gathers except the people that society has unfortunately left forgotten and silent in the dark.

It is my intention with this series to bring back awareness to the importance of the theater, especially now as more and more are left abandoned and left in silence.