Camila Cossio

Camila Cossio


City Dioramas

Words & Images © Camila Cossio.

Traditional landscapes where more related with nature, including physical elements of landforms like mountains, rivers, valleys, etc. An inversion of the city as primary landscape appeared with the industrial revolution. In less than a century, we went from rural landscapes in which we could observe a cultivated countryside, to the form of the big city where nature seems to have disappear and replaced by man-made structures, objects, constructions and buildings. Views turn out to be saturated with men’s technological activities; our eyes can no longer escape. Nature only grows between strips of asphalt.

Since the time of the Impressionists, the city has become a landscape even more independent from context of nature. The boundary line between the countryside and the city has been blurring more and more over time.

I’m foreign to New York City and since I moved several months ago I’ve felt certain anxiety while experiencing the density and vertical intensity of the city. I constantly feel an urge to reconnect with nature.

In these anxious landscapes that we’ve created we tend to spend most of the time inside buildings and cars. It is argued that the lack of activities and time spent in nature may be increasing diseases related to stress.

Urban Diorama is a photographic project that portrays everyday human scale dioramas, product of a necessity to be more in contact with nature and feel some kind of peace of mind.

The term “biophilia” means, “love of life or living systems.” E. O Wilson’s biophilia hypothesis says that humans have an innate/instinctive attraction to nature or other living organisms.

Landscapes, animals, plants, and wilderness benefit our wellbeing. Views of nature have been reported to relieve stress and pain. Nature can lower blood pressure and fight off depression. This need to be close to nature guides men to produce false and artificial landscapes throughout the city to feel peace and tranquility, and combined with everyday objects and actual humans, urban fullsize models or dioramas are created.

City Diorama 1 Coney Island 2016
City Diorama 1
Coney Island
City Diorama 2 Coney Island 2016
City Diorama 2
Coney Island
City Diorama 3 Lower East Side 2016
City Diorama 3
Lower East Side

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MENTOR: Michael Weschler
MENTEE: Camila Cossio