Crosswords are among the most popular pastimes that people around the globe indulge in. Puzzle enthusiasts test their general knowledge and puzzle-solving skills by playing this word game. Engaging and addictive, crossword puzzles have come a long way since its invention in the year 1913. 

A host of rules and clues accompanies this exciting word game. As per the experts, there are plenty of benefits of playing crosswords regularly. Playing this game can boost one’s vocabulary and improve mental health. 

Nowadays, crosswords come in a variety of grids. However, they are all symmetrical. According to Wikipedia, newspaper publications use varied grid styles like Japanese style, American style, and British style. 

While this puzzle game has been around for years, most people are unaware of crossword history. Read on to know how this puzzle game became one of the most famous pastimes. 

Crosswords History 

The popular word game that features in newspapers worldwide was invented in 1913. Arthur Wynne, a British journalist who initially created this puzzle game for the newspaper section, tagged it as ‘Fun’.  

The first time this puzzle game was published in a newspaper was on the 21st of December in 1913. At that time, its inventor, Arthur Wynne, called it the word-cross puzzle. The puzzle game was a massive hit among the masses, and in a short span of time, more and more newspapers started publishing this word game. 

Published on every Sunday, the newspaper that featured the very first game of crossword was New York World. Readers were instantly drawn to this word game. However, it took a few years for famous publications to jump on the bandwagon. 

The rise in the Popularity of Crossword Puzzles 

The rise in the popularity of crosswords can be accredited to popular papers like the LA Times. The daily crossword puzzle in this renowned paper publication has managed to earn a cult following in the last few decades. 

Similarly, Wall Street Journal crosswords are exceptionally famous among puzzle lovers. The first time the crosswords appeared in WSJ was in 1998. The word game has garnered rave reviews from puzzle game aficionados and experts. 

Since the advent of the internet, crosswords are available on digital platforms. For example, crosswords publish crosswords daily for puzzle lovers to check their knowledge. True crossword fans consider the quality of puzzles published on this site to be one of the best. 

Over the years, the game has evolved, and so has its rules. The geometric patterns have changed; however, the game continues to draw the attention of puzzle lovers. More and more online sites and newspaper and magazines are publishing daily crosswords.