It’s good to learn a few interesting and beneficial things every day to improve mental flexibility. Just like the way yoga helps the body to stay fit and flexible, crossword works as mental yoga. Crossword is a kind of game that can challenge your mind to improve its thinking capacity and simultaneously can eliminate all the stress/worries from your mind. 

Well, with appropriate knowledge of crossword rules and immense patience and practice can make anyone a pro in this game. 

Some of the rules to be followed for solving crosswords are itemized below:

1.Consider the word length

Before making any guesses, the word length should be kept in mind. Two-letter words are not usually allowed in the crosswords. And especially when talking about the Star Tribune Crosswords, the puzzle-solving time can actually be reduced by considering all the three- or five-letter words firstly.

2.Repetition should be taken care of Crosswords are the most challenging ones to be solved and improve the intelligence of a person’s mind. Well, the most important rule to be followed while solving such crosswords is to avoid getting the same words in your mind. 

For example, you might have a word which is repeating itself in the crossword and gets fit perfectly but remember, do not repeat the words and avoid using unkeyed letters.

3.Spot the question marks

If among all the clues, you find some clues with question marks, then it’s quite easy to solve such puzzles. Most of the crosswords of LA Times contain such clues where the answer has already been used in the clue. And you can guess the answer with the snapping of fingers.

4.Start with the blanks

Experts suggest that puzzle-solving should always be started with the fill in the blanks, prioritizing all the crossword rules. You can spot them at first glance without putting much of your efforts.

These kinds of puzzles with blanks are the easiest ones to be solved and are further helpful in solving the other ones in a structured manner.

5.Avoid words or phrases

Most of the crosswords especially Penny Dell Crosswords that are to be solved by people of any age group are usually built with commonly used words. While solving the puzzle, the phrases should be avoided even if they get perfectly fit into the void space as the crosswords usually have answers that must have some reference or are a part of everyday speech or writing.

6.Avoid anonymity

This is the most modern rule among all the rules for solving crosswords like Crossword Star Crosswords that you need to avoid words having a lack of fame. As all the answers must be lively and should be from the common vocabulary. 

Once, the person starts learning the whole criteria and starts practicing, he or she realizes that it is not easy only but is addictive too and further has some personal, social, and professional benefits. And you should stop the solving procedure right there, the moment it feels like a job and you feel stressed instead of having fun and relaxing.