Crystal Flores

Crystal Flores


Alfred, Jaime, Jason

Words & Images © Crystal Flores.

The mundane aspects of an artist’s environment may often seem insignificant in reference to what is created within in it. What an artist chooses to surround themselves with is a major contribution to not only their work, but also to their growth, and there are infinite ways to grow as an artist in Los Angeles. This series exemplifies the diversity of young L.A based artist through the perspective of their surroundings.

Alfred is a young L.A graphic designer that focuses his time on street wear. His current project is GoldMinds International. The start up status of the company forces him to print his garments in a friends garage with his self taught extensive knowledge of screen printing.

Jaime is a current student attending Art Center in Pasadena, California. Her concentration is in illustration and spends most of her time in the Illustration studio provided by her school, working on projects and also honing in on her skills as an illustrator.

Jason is a self taught multi-media artist that maintains his focus on whatever medium a specific project requires. He spends his time in yet inspirational studio that helps him no only create work but develop ideas for future projects.

These three talented individuals that have significantly different surroundings and the diversity between them display a fragment of the art culture and community within the Los Angeles.

Alfred Jaime Jason


MENTOR: David Zentz
MENTEE: Crystal Flores