Daion Chesney

Daion Chesney


Blue Bird

Words & Images © Daion Chesney.

Set me free is what you wail through the day and into the night. Living that same old ritual you’ve come accustomed to. Living that same old ritual that you don’t even know you do.

You’ve busted your ass, while wearing a cast, only so your man can have the pass. But in the end, what did you win? You’re still that Blue Bird that hides your grin. You’re still that Blue Bird that turns to gin.

You wash. You clean. You absorb. You wash. You clean. You absorb.
You wash, you clean, you absorb – you absorb the inheritance practices you were taught. You absorb the pain of him taking your car and burning your gas. You absorb the money he steals from you. You absorb the unfaithful man that he has become. You absorb the unhappiness upon yourself, in order to make others happy.

And when you do absorb, you hold it together. Not falling apart. Clear as day, dark as a light, I see you taking your stress out on a cigarette late at night. Taking your stress out on your garden that brings you to life.

Yet, your remain locked in chains. Kept away.
What’s the reason for you to stay?
As your brew the color blue into your misery.
You still lose on victory.

As he continues to grow with greed, you continue to shrink with needs.

Domesticity is becoming a toxicity.
Fly your wings. Let go of the rings. Set you free. No more deeds.

Blue your mood.
Blue your soul.
Blue is your appearance; you’ve been wearing on your sleeve.
I’m letting you know, that the color blue is you.

I grew up in a family where women dependency was a factor.
I grew up in a family where women didn’t take care of themselves.
I grew in a family where we nurtured, but often never nurtured ourselves.
I grew up in a family where happiness was suppressed and not amassed.

This is a story of a Blue Bird. The color comes from an array of visions.

From the Window




MENTOR: David Zentz
MENTEE: Daion Chesney