Devin Ward

Devin Ward


Memorials of America

Words & Images © Devin Ward.

America, land of the free home of the brave. There is so much that describes America as a whole, from our major cities to our interaction with diverse cultures, a land where you can find anything and be anything you want to be.

Memorials are everywhere in this country, where ever you go you will most likely find one either on a sidewalk or built where the world can see it memorials are one of the many focuses of this country and what it means to be great. When people go to memorials they feel a sense of loss and remorse, honoring those who were tragically taken, from my point of view I see that from looking at any memorial anyone can be inspired form it. A child can learn from museums and schools, they can be inspired from memorials to be anything. They can be and do anything they set there minds to, hence the whole land of the free saying, that’s how I see it when being a photographer. When I photograph places and memorials I feel a sense of encouragement towards my work, I feel that if something of remembrance and sacrifice can inspire me to pursue my dream of photography than memorials can inspire the next generation to be the next soldiers or doctors etc, the skies the limit because I want to capture these images in “inspiring” ways to give a sense of purpose and clarity.

In America you can do just about anything you want, vote for whoever you want and be whatever you want. Here the meaning the skies the limit knows no bonds, be inspired to pursue your life’s goal and in the end you just might inspire the next generation to do the same.





MENTOR: Frank Meo
MENTEE: Devin Ward