Fourth International Mentoring Opportunity

Young Photographer’s Alliance (YPA), a 501(c)3 educational foundation dedicated to developing the talent of young photographers, has announced its fourth international mentoring opportunity for students and recent graduates of college-level photography programs. This year’s theme, Escape, encourages the attendees to discover what their definition of the word is. This idea can be analyzed on various degrees; a simple mid-day mental or emotional escape from work, or the journey towards finding a new way of life. Students will deliver three final images and a short essay documenting the project.

The Young Photographers Alliance would like to thank the American Society of Media Photographers Foundation (ASMP Foundation), their major founding sponsor, for yet another grant so that this phenomenal mentorship program can continue. Occurring across the world over the course of a summer, emerging photographers are paired with renowned industry professionals for up to eight sessions. The theme is analyzed and discussed in order to develop the best approach for shooting it. They will learn about the business of photography, promotion, editing and how to work together as a team. The mentorship program not only pushes these photographers artistically, but also helps to progress their careers.

The past three years have demonstrated its continuing success. A mentee from 2012’s Chicago team found the experience incredibly rewarding. “My experience with YPA mentor program was a delight. I learned so much about the kind of work I am best at, the areas where I need some more exploration to become better, and what I am capable of as a documentary photographer. It helped me reach a lot of personal goals, and I also made some valuable connections in creating this body of work, that has led me the opportunity to create more work in the future. My favorite part was getting out of my comfort zone and marketing myself to people who did not know who I was at all. That experience taught me a lot and gave me a ton of confidence.” The YPA looks forward to another successful year.

New locations have been added as well. The YPA is especially excited to have Mumbai, India, where students will be working with Avinash Jain of KeyIndia Graphics and Ian Pereira. Jain is equally enthusiastic about participating – “YPA provides an excellent platform for young students/photographers in getting guidance from world class professional photographers and that too

worldwide. We at KeyIndia Graphics are honored to be leading the Indian chapter. I see all photography schools worldwide making this a must do course for their students in few years.”

North America has also been expanded to include Anchorage, Nashville, Minneapolis, Kansas City and Orlando.

Applications for this year’s mentorship program are still open for the UK and India.

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