George Gall

George Gall


Words & Images © George Gall. Team Portland.

Life in America is currently undergoing extreme transition. Unfortunately, I feel as if I was born not exactly fully online, but not quite belonging to a prior, more analogue generation. In the constant struggle to make life easier, we lose much of the individual identity we once gained through life. It’s this paradox that fascinates me the most, and I set out to contextualize this paradox by recreating young memories of mine through photography. I explored the city of New York, both the intoxicating highs and depressive lows, in search of perfect examples of what has changed since my last visit while discovering new themes that connect the images together in sometimes uncomforting ways.

I’m an extremely observant wallflower photographer, and discussing these transitory growing pains brings me anxiety. It’s by making art that I feel encapsulates these contradictions, I can start to unpack the way I see the world operate.

The target audience for this project would hopefully be any fine art or contemporary art space. I feel younger generations would connect with this work, but also older fans of classic street photography would enjoy it as well.