Have you always wanted to solve crosswords like a pro, but the very sight of the black and white grid terrifies you? If so, then do read on, as here we’re letting you know how to play crossword puzzle. 

Do you look at the critically acclaimed Universal crossword and New York Times crossword and wonder how people solve such complex puzzles? 

Even the most seasoned crossword players struggle to solve complex crosswords such as Star Tribune crosswords that publish crosswords every day. 

For decades, this challenging word game has been a cult favorite of puzzle and vocabulary enthusiasts. Millions of people spend their time solving the black and white grid. It acts as an educational tool, and as per the studies solving the crossword can help calm a person’s mind. 

But, playing a crossword is not as easy as it appears. It requires focus, concentration, and, most importantly, technique. Getting a couple of clues right is something that any amateur crossword player can do; however, solving the entire puzzle is a different ball game. 

Understand the Clues

The very first thing that you need to do is gain an understanding of the clues. Getting the interpretation of the evidence right is the first step in the direction of solving a crossword puzzle. The type of hints varies from publications to publications. 

A crossword game may share an indirect or direct clue. The clues may be in the form of questions of fill in the blanks. Few clues are straightforward and require less thinking, while certain clues will need focus and attention. 

Anyone who understands the clues will be able to solve the puzzle. Look out for abbreviations and synonyms/antonyms while going through hints. 

Understand the Theme

A majority of crosswords are theme-based, and the answers will be based on that particular theme. For instance, if the subject of a crossword is mentioned as poetry, then the answers will be poetry words like melancholy, etc.  

Before you dive deep into the game, it is imperative to understand the theme and then think of words that are related to it. 

Some of the most commonly used themes in crossword games are poetry, human anatomy, historical figures, etc. 

Practice and Practice

The more you practice, the more you’ll get the hang of it. Pick out crossword puzzles belonging to different themes and work on them. 

You can either practice on premier Sunday crosswords or check out online sites that post crossword games daily. 

By practicing regularly, you will hone your puzzle-solving skills and significantly improve your vocabulary. 

The points above should help you answer the question, how to play a crossword puzzle. Use the points to solve crosswords and become a pro in no time.