Karen Duran

Karen Duran

Night Lights

Words & Images © Karen Duran. Team Los Angeles.

I’m a person who has a thing of always going on mini adventures or just walk around when I need to clear my mind, but it is always at night time. I remember when I was younger, I would get in trouble with my mom because I always like being outside at night. At those moments I did not know why she was always getting mad, but eventually when I grew up I realized why and now knowing I am always alert of my surroundings.

I would like to take it back to the main reason why I enjoy the night. Night time is when all the city lights to street light to house lights turn on. Something about the sun setting down and all the lights turning on is fascinating to me. The main reason why the city lights or neighborhood lights interest me is the mood, the color, or the way a harsh light and flickering light can give to an atmosphere.

It can be loud, beautiful, vibrant because of the popular tourist spots the evening represents or it can be a very peaceful, sketchy, or dull because of a neighborhood. The night time shows me a balance between the good and bad.