Madison Grandy

Madison Grandy

teamlosangeles-zentzForgotten L.A.

Words & Images © Madison Grandy.

Los Angeles is a constant breeding ground for various cultures and personalities. However, what many don’t realize or care to remember are the various grounds and structures that we built our
iconic city upon. Landmarks and hidden areas, which have been completely forgotten due to bulldozers, encroaching gentrification, and the limited human attention span, are left for dead.
Human beings as a whole are rather forgetful creatures. American society in particular has a long history of covering up, or at times completely abandoning, structures due to proposals of better opportunities or simply our nature to “evolve”.

With this set of images, I turn the theme of “American Landscape” on its head by exploring parts of greater Los Angles that have been lost through time, boarded up, and left. I visited the rather popular site of Murphy’s Ranch, which served as a Nazi Sympathizers camp and is “hidden” deep within the privileged Pacific Palisades region, the Los Amigos Hospital within the city of Downey, which is completely blocked off from civilization and is now nothing more than a boarded up relic, and the Old L.A. Zoo, which serves as a testament to outdated resources in animal containment.

During the course of this project, I also visited more unknown places, including abandoned houses, churches and even jails. The irony of these structures is that although they are closed to the public and completely inaccessible to most people, they still exist for no known reason. This begs the question of whether or not we even know what we want to evolve to if we keep forgotten shrines to the past.

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MENTOR: David Zentz
MENTEE: Madison Grandy