Peiyi Chen

Peiyi Chen


Dark, neutral, bright

Words & Images © Peiyi Chen.

Dark, neutral, bright…. This is the process of an object has to go through. Either starts with one or the other. The surroundings are objectively moving and changing, yet our emotions are subjectively transforming according to the objective world.

“Dark, can you see the struggle inside me while the world has its own pace? No matter how I stay still, slow down or speed up, I still cannot fit in the flow. Neutral, the world is changing as before, I still do not know which direction I should head to. But I start feeling I am reaching something that keeps me stable. Bright, finally I understand this objective world is non-stop moving, that is its rule. However, I found the balance inside me which clams me down.”

As many others who migrated to a new land with different culture and environment. We always try our best to merge into the new place and make it as our home. We made it through by learning the languages, adapting the way how the society works, but we would always question ourselves of where we should belong to mentally. Wherever you are located, most importantly, is to find yourself and create a better you.

This project is titled, “Dark, neutral, bright”. Collaborated with Iraqi performance artists Assal Alfhazzee and Somer Atshan who represented the process of one self’s psychological activities to look for the self of how he/she really wants to be as an immigrant.





MENTOR: Frank Meo
MENTEE: Peiyi Chen