In addition to our Mentoring Program, we offer a number of additional educational opportunities. We provide real world, practical, hands-on education and advice. Our Education Programs include lectures and special workshops aimed at helping young photographers find their bearings in the complex and sometimes-scary photography industry. Taking pictures, and making a living from photography, are two very different things.

Our educational programming explores those differences and much more. In the future, YPA will continue to host masterclasses, seminars and workshops with renowned photographers, editors and creatives. We also periodically host live chats with respected editors and photographers, giving our Members the opportunity to speak directly to experienced professionals.

Essential Tips to Jumpstart Your Photo Career

The Photo Brigade teamed up with YPA and PhotoShelter to bring you panel discussion with photographer Robert Caplin, photo editor Elizabeth Griffin and Karen D’Silva of Agency Access. The panel was moderated by PhotoShelter CEO Andrew Fingerman.