2014 Mentoring Program

Theme: Boundaries

“There are no boundaries–only possibilities.” –Sakyong Mipham

2014 Mentoring Program Teams

Boundaries was the theme for YPA’s 2014 Mentoring Program. The program provides encouragement and assistance to young photographers seeking to establish themselves as professionals in today’s market. This program allows students to communicate, document and offer inspiration to themselves and others through the power of photography. Talented college students and recent graduates will partner with leading photographers and industry professionals who participate as mentors to collaborate on a photo essay around a compelling social theme.

Whether they are physical, psychological, legal or social we all have boundaries that can prevent us from reaching our goals or potential. We can treat them as a limit on personal development or a challenge to be overcome in order to progress. The way we respond to boundaries, our own or those set by other people and society at large, defines our place in society and hence our identity.

“Self-image sets the boundaries of individual accomplishment.” –Maxwell Maltz

You can set, build, respect, move, overstep or break down boundaries. Boundaries draw people together and divide people. They create security and conflict. Moving or removing boundaries can be an act of aggression or reconciliation.