2016 Mentoring Program Teams

Theme: American Landscapes

The theme for the 2016 YPA Mentoring Program was American Landscapes. What does it mean to be American? Is America Great? Have we started the great decline like the end of the Roman Empire? What it will mean if we have another divided election? What are people/communities and young people doing to affect real change in our country? These are the types of questions the young photographers were asked to explore.

We’re so pleased with our program this year and are now sharing our mentees work here for you to view and share. Please click here for the summary page of all 2016 essays and images contributions or click on links in the list below.

Team Boston: Jim Scherer, Mentor Team New York: Frank Meo, Mentor
    Sabrina Baloun     Raymond Navarro
    Xiao Zhao     Peiyi Chen
Team Los Angeles: Slav Zatoka, Mentor     Leah Bank
    Alex Ramierz     Devin Ward
    Tara Edwards Team New York: Barry Rosenthal Mentor
Team Los Angeles: David Zentz, Mentor     Zhanna Kurmanova
    Daion Chesney     Will Matsuda
    Crystal Flores     Terry Phan
    Justin L. Stewart Team New York: Michael Weschler, Mentor
    Annette Cortez     Wesley Sun
    Madison Grandy     Stefanie Candelario
Team Philadelphia: Will Figg, Mentor     Nicholas Joseph Contrera
    Frank-Mengchuan Wu     Lelanie Foster
    Oliwia Paszkowska     Camila Cossio
    Sheryl Williams