Sabrina Baloun

Sabrina Baloun

Island Creek Oyster Journey

Words & Images © Sabrina Baloun.

I wanted to photograph the journey of the various stages of production of locally produced and delivered farm food, i.e., harvesting, storage, processing, packaging, product, sales and consumption.  My goal was to tell stories of the workers and their families which could be farmers, chefs, working hands, animals, delivery trucker drivers, pickers, in various industries (cranberries, bees and honey, oysters, cheese) and others that I might encounter along my journey that are important to the American food industry.

I realized during my midpoint project review that I had too many food product stories going on that were incomplete and that I could not take one image and blend it with another industry and make it make sense and flow. I needed to just choose one product and complete their story. I decided to focus on Island Creek Oyster in Duxbury, Massachusetts. I wanted to give the viewer a behind-the-scenes tour of the world of the beguiling oyster in their briny breeding grounds; to tell a photographic journey about the oysters, the people and the journey it takes to get to your table.

A sequential flow of events: hatchery, to the waters of Duxbury Bay, to the hard work efforts of the farmers in hand-picking harvest, culling, washing, counting and bagging the oysters to coax great food from the sea to the local oyster-loving consumer.

Low Tide
Low Tide




MENTOR: Jim Scherer
MENTEE: Sabrina Baloun