Stefanie Candelario

Stefanie Candelario


The Not So Forgotten Borough

Words & Images © Stefanie Candelario.

Staten Island. What comes to mind when you hear its name? The forgotten borough of New York? The island of Italians? Or is it just an island of suburbia that people live in because they can’t afford to live anywhere in New York. Enough times where you live long enough you’ll get tired of the same boring living spot. Running into the same repetitive people, depending on who knows you and don’t. But there are those that think of Staten Island as more than that. You can say there are hidden gems within the island that no one does think twice about.

From a private harbor to a house, locations that were featured in movies and television, made you feel enough where you’ve been transported into another time, or dimension. But it gets a person wondering, what happened here? What sort of event, tragic or joyful event that would mark this place memorable. What are we doing to honor the beauty of its structure and our man made landscape. We tend to take things for granted by not slowing down, and letting our surroundings take its effect on us. Nowadays, we let our phones take control over us, plugged into them for the latest snapchat filter, or the silliest post on twitter.

Thankfully, we don’t use our phones for those purposes only. With the camera quality in each phone nowadays, where some can’t tell the difference between a DSLR camera and the phone, to still capture our surroundings. Maybe the person is a passing tourist, or a relative that’s visiting family. But for a split moment, it’s captured on their phone to share it worldwide. A reminder of to all of us, we can transport ourselves and surround ourselves in a unique place. Even in a place like Staten Island.





MENTOR: Michael Weschler
MENTEE: Stefanie Candelario