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Young Photographers Alliance, Inc. is a tax exempt organization pursuant to 501(c)3 of the US Internal Revenue Code.

The YPA Foundation is able to continue its mission because of your support and generosity. By making a contribution, you’ll help ensure that our work continues. We welcome donations of all sizes and payment plans, whether it’s a one-time gift, a monthly contribution or part of a matching gifts program. To fulfill our goals, we rely on assistance from individuals and organizations, both within the photographic industry and beyond.

Supporting YPA gives you the opportunity to play a key role in the future of professional photography. Download our 2017-2018 Sponsorship Opportunities brochure here to see how you can get involved.

Become a Sponsor

When you sponsor a YPA event or program you’ll receive notable recognition and business value in return.

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Help us with free advertising, increased profile and targeted editorial by becoming a media partner.

Offer Discounts to YPA Members

Become a YPA partner and offer discounts to our members, introducing your brand, products and services to an engaged and creative youth market.

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Share your knowledge and experience with young photographers, transforming their future career prospects.


Join our circle of volunteers by donating your time to help us with our programs and events.

If you’d like to get involved or discuss any of the above options, please contact us.