Think Tank’s Complete Video Bag Line for “Run & Gun” Assignments

Think Tank’s Complete Video Bag Line for “Run & Gun” Assignments

Think Tank Photo has released seven new incredibly strong soft-sided video cases designed for videographers seeking reduced weight, increased capacity, more features, and ease of use. In addition to being lighter weight and having more features than traditional hard cases, Think Tank’s new video cases let videographers to hit the ground running by allowing them to leave their cameras fully assembled between shoots. No longer will they need to build-out their cameras while the client impatiently waits or the shot disappears.

Video Rig

The new video bags range in size. The largest, the Video Rig 24 rolling case, holds a fully assembled 24” video rig and features inset channel aluminum tubing for added strength and durability. The mid-sized bag, the Video Transport 20, holds a video camera body, four to six lenses (detached), shotgun mic, small monitor, 4K recorder, audio recorder, additional accessories, and up to a 17” laptop in a padded sleeve. The smallest, the Video Workhorse 19 shoulder bag, holds a professional camcorder or video cameras up to 19” and features striated aluminum and arched twinwall reinforced struts to create a collapse-proof lid.  Built tough, with the quality Think Tank is known for, these bags are the perfect blend of protection and functionality.

“In reviewing the existing gear pro videographers were using, one of their biggest complaints was the amount of time it took for them to disassemble, pack, transport, and reassemble video rigs between locations.  With our new video series they are finally able to ship their gear assembled for quick access and, in some sizes, to keep it with them on airlines as carry on,” says Think Tank’s Brian Erwin.

If you are a pro videographer who is tired of having to reassemble your video rigs between locations, this new video gear has great options.  For traveling videographers, the Video Transport Rollers allow you to carry on the maximum amount of gear on the plane with you.  And their three new Video Workhorse shoulder bags are your on-the-go toolbox for professional video shoots.

Please note that YPA’s special arrangement with Think Tank allows you receive a free accessory and free shipping with your orders of all of their gear!

You can get all the specs and details for their new bags at this page on their site.