Where Are They Now: Mackenzie LaRoe

Where Are They Now: Mackenzie LaRoe

Since 2013, a lot has happened both professionally and personally, which has ultimately shaped the way I shoot today.

At the “Escape” YPA gallery showing, a crew from Glasshouse Images out of New York City gave a lecture on stock photography. I clung to what they said, including the director’s business card. For the past two years, I toyed with the idea of submitting my portfolio, but was always stifled by my immense fear of failure and decided to just shoot freelance… no pressure there, right?

This past January, I finally contacted Glasshouse and was promptly signed. In addition, I have been selling my expired film work in shops and at art festivals. After giving birth to my daughter (I’m now due any day with my second baby), it imposed a sense of urgency to take chances and actively pursue my dreams, even if failure loomed.

15 Weeks.  Baby Number Two Series: Gender reveal announcement. It’s a boy! Image © Mackenzie LaRoe.
30 Weeks. Baby Number Two Series: Belly update. I enjoy using myself as a muse and constantly changing the perception of the way people perceive me. I feel ugly 95 percent of the time being pregnant and that’s what I mainly shoot. Although, this day I felt beautiful. Image © Mackenzie LaRoe.
Bobbie’s Dairy Dip Gal. Expired Film + Pop Art Series: This woman is painted on a local ice cream shop in Nashville. She is the poster child of empowerment. Image © Mackenzie LaRoe.
Joshua Tree. Expired Film + Pop Art Series: I have a passion for shooting expired film. The grain, tones and unpredictability of the finished project feels like a true art form to me. After developing, I enhance the background to give it that “pop art” edge. Image © Mackenzie LaRoe.


Me. I’m that person that annoyingly carries their camera(s) around everywhere.

Please see more of Mackenzie’s work at Glasshouse Images and on Instagram.