Where Are They Now: Teresa Meier

Where Are They Now: Teresa Meier

So, what have I been up to…

On May 19, 2016 I was officially granted my MFA (major in photography with a fine art focus) from the Academy of Art University in San Francisco. AAU has also selected my portfolio to feature at their annual Spring Show. I’m thrilled and honored by all this recognition! Here are some images from my thesis, as well as a short video titled, The Road Back, on the construction of one of the images.

I am also currently teaching advanced photo illustration at the Art Institute of Portland; I’m enjoying it and learning a ton.

Three years ago I co-founded Photosynthesis, a photography based art-therapy program for at-risk and underprivileged teens. I was awarded fiscal sponsorship this year with Taking Focus, Inc. in support of Photosynthesis and I just purchased 6 new dSLRs for the program with the funds that we’ve raised so far.

Many organizations within the Portland community are supporting the project through in-kind donations and we’re scheduled to have the students work professionally printed by Pushdot Studios and exhibited at Newspace Center for Photography this July. We are currently seeking out more venues to host the students work and continue to fund raise for the program. You can read more about the program at http://teenphotosynthesis.org

The images below are from the series, The Witness Within. Here is the artist statement for the series:

The camera set me on a journey of self-discovery and revelation. Through photography I can concretely tether myself to this world, tangibly see my existence in it and feel that I am somehow apart of it. I initially used self-portraiture as a way to work uninterrupted, focusing on technical and artistic problems that I was unable to articulate to others. I found the process cathartic and more meaningful as I worked out why I was using photography as a medium and what it was I wanted to express.

I created these images from my memories of experiences with family, feelings of abandonment, isolation and an inability to attach, but they were constructed using archetypal ideas shared the world over so that anyone would be able to engage with the images and relate them back to themselves. Although the genesis for this series is rooted in negative feelings and experiences, the project’s ultimate goal is to convey something much more remarkable. I employed the awe-inspiring landscapes of my home and the creativity of Photoshop to fabricate beautiful and surreal imagery that is intended to leave you, the viewer, with a sense of hope and wonder. Hope for yourself, for others. Wonder at the land that you live in, the places you have never seen. Hope for this life. Wonder for your own.

The Witness Within

Awakening The Witness Within. Image © Teresa Meier
Awakening. Image © Teresa Meier.
Coming Home.
Coming Home. Image © Teresa Meier.
Huginn & Muninn ~ Thought and Memor.
Huginn & Muninn ~ Thought and Memor. Image © Teresa Meier.
Tests, Allies and Enemies.
Tests, Allies and Enemies. Image © Teresa Meier.
The Threshold.
The Threshold. Image © Teresa Meier.
The Approach.
The Approach. Image © Teresa Meier.

Please visit Teresa’s website to see more of her work.