Where Are They Now: Victoria Meades

Where Are They Now: Victoria Meades

Since finishing the YPA Mentoring Program in 2014, I moved back home after completing my university degree. My passion for photography was still strong but I wanted to gain some more photographic experience before having the confidence to hopefully set up my freelance practice. I looked into assisting but before I could find anything I needed to get a job just to pay the bills.

This collection was created to reflect the hold that consumerism has on society and its link to body size. Outfits were hand made from large consumer brands packaging. The images are representative of the fashion industry aesthetic and chosen to highlight how a certain female body shape and size is forced upon us even though it’s unrealistic. The viewer is forced to confront the conflict created by the unhealthy body images promoted. Image © Victoria Meades.

I now work in retail—it is not what I really want to do, but it gives me money. I have never given up looking and am hoping to break into the photographic industry. I hope one day I will find my break and be able to make money from my photographs.

When you think of boundaries you immediately think of physical ones, but many invisible boundaries also exist that can be even more debilitating and harder to overcome. Image © Victoria Meades.

I have kept photography as my hobby and I am working on my creative identity. I have a notebook that I write all my creative ideas in to explore. I feel the future looks bright for me and feel YPA was a great experience to have been involved in.

Image © Victoria Meades.

To find out more about Victoria, please visit her website.