YPA Alumni: Chase Guttman Announces Drone Handbook

YPA Alumni: Chase Guttman Announces Drone Handbook

The life and times of Chase Guttman, drone photography expert and social media influencer, keep expanding. Since Chase completed YPA’s mentoring program in 2013, he’s won the Young Travel Photographer of the Year three times. Chase is currently traveling through Europe for his semester abroad for Syracuse University in Strasbourg, France, which seems impressive enough, until he gave us the news that he’s just released, “The Handbook of Drone Photography” through Skyhorse Publishing.

Chase says as a travel photographer, he became fascinated by perspective and the power it holds in creating effective imagery. “Drone technology owns the visual world that’s just out of the reach of the longest selfie stick and the lowest hovering helicopter,” he explains. “Drones are such an exciting visual frontier because they allow humans to experience and see things that few have previously imagined.” The technology’s pioneering promise drew him to the medium and ultimately motivated Chase to write the book.

Geared as a resource for those hoping to break into the world of drone technology, the book covers everything one needs to choose the right drone, to get airborne, and to capture and share incredible content. Brett Velicovich, drone expert and CEO of Dronepire, Inc., says Chase’s book is THE guide to the world of drone photography, adding, “the photos are visually stunning; a combination of spectacular views and equally teachable moments, this book gives today’s audiences a reminder of the beauty of our planet from above.”

The New York post assembled a gallery of 17 images from the book, calling Chase’s work, “the most amazing drone photography.” Drone captures of the 2,600-foot long waterfall at Horseshoe Falls, the 1,000-foot-long Steel Pier in Atlantic City, and Bixby Creek’s famous deck arch bridge are among the assembly, bringing us a spectacular glimpse of Chase’s travels through all 50 states.

If you’ve wanted to try drone photography, Chase’s handbook is the place to start. For those already exploring the medium, the book will only help you get better. Pick up a copy on Amazon in paperback or Kindle versions. You can also follow Chase on Instagram to see how he’s going to impress us next!