YPA Mentoring Program Deadline Extended to May 19

It’s not too late to apply for this year’s Young Photographers Alliance Summer Mentoring Program “Boundaries”. Deadline to apply is Monday May 19, 2014. 

The program takes place over the summer between June 1 to August 31, 2014. You will meet together as a team for a series of 6-8 two hour sessions. Learn from leading industry professionals! Meetings times and dates to be determined at first meeting.

Benefit by:

  • Having your work prominently displayed to a worldwide audience
  • Gain experience and insights from leading industry professionals
  • Learn business skills necessary for an emerging photographer
  • Create exciting new work for your portfolio
  • Pushing yourself to expand your boundaries and potential


2014 Theme: Boundaries

“There are no boundaries—only possibilities.” — Sakyong Mipham

Whether they are physical, psychological, legal or social we all have boundaries that can prevent us from reaching our goals or potential. We can treat them as a limit on personal development or a challenge to be overcome in order to progress. The way we respond to boundaries, our own or those set by other people and society at large, defines our place in society and hence our identity.

“Self-image sets the boundaries of individual accomplishment.” — Maxwell Maltz

You can set, build, respect, move, overstep or break down boundaries. Boundaries draw people together and divide people. They create security and conflict. Moving or removing boundaries can be an act of aggression or reconciliation.

To apply you must be a YPA21 member and submit the following with your application:

  • 5-8 images
  • A letter of recommendation referencing your photographic abilities
  • A description of your photographic experience
  • A short statement on how you would approach the theme.

Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to advance your photography career!

Previous Participants Weigh In

“I went into YPA hoping to learn about photography as a profession and to make a series I would be proud of and at the end of it all I built a work that is honest and courageous, I learned how to use my camera as an artists tool, and I feel indebted to YPA and my team of mentors and fellow photographers for such an amazing experience.” – Mei Ratz/Portland Oregon team (Best overall mentee 2013 Escape award)

“It is funny how this program changed me as a photographer but also how much it influenced me as a person. Working on the escape project somehow helped to deal with what was waiting for me in the real life. It makes this program and my project even more personal and important for me. Thank you very much for the whole experience of the mentoring program.” – Anna Pitrowska/ (Bristol team winner best image for 2013 Escape UK team)

With inspirational guidance, my mentors taught me the ropes of envisioning and executing a photography project from start to finish — an experience that has definitely paid dividends many times over. The program helped me to uncover the  creative fire within myself. With a cast of encouraging mentees and supportive mentors behind me, my photography has blossomed in a short span of time. The Young Photographers Alliance helped me rediscover my love for photography and has brought an incredible wealth of opportunities to my front door. For that, I am forever grateful.” – Chase Guttman, NY team 2 2013 Escape (Winner best image)