YPA Participates in the Largest Mentorship Program

Young Photographer’s Alliance (YPA) has concluded another successful mentorship program. The program provides encouragement and assistance to young photographers seeking to establish themselves as professionals in today’s market. This is the largest program to date, with 19 teams around the world: across North America, the UK and new this year, India. This year’s theme, Escape, explores the many interpretations behind the word. “I believe one has to escape oneself to discover oneself.” — Rabih Alameddine, I, The Divine: A Novel in First Chapters

The final results can now be viewed on the YPA website. The works push creative boundaries; in some cases a scene of serenity is portrayed, while darker, more personal matters challenge the audience.

Some essay excerpts:

“My grandma suffered from Alzheimer’s disease in the past three years, a disease that has no cure…I’ve brought the camera into the family space around my grandma’s bed for years, and after awhile, even my mother began to take photos of her in my absence. In a way, we saw photography as a therapy, a way to escape the meaningless we felt.”

“Escape to me is a word that is a finished product. Escape is one’s solution to a situation that necessitates the escape. Whether the end result of escape is a positive or negative experience, it is still an ending. Why is the moment in-between moments overlooked?”

“Dreams are often viewed as the escape we experience from reality—but what happens when elements of real life carry over to our dream state? I approached the theme of ‘escape’ by recreating several of my own nightmares that reflect my real life anxiety in literal and metaphorical ways.”

The YPA will be featuring the results of this year’s mentoring program in an exhibition to be held on January 15, 2014 at the Calumet Gallery in NYC.