YPA Welcomes Eric Kruszewski

Young Photographer’s Alliance (YPA) is announcing a new member to its Executive Committee. It is with great pleasure that the YPA welcomes Eric Kruszewski, an accomplished photographer whose work has been regularly featured in National Geographic Creative’s unique collection of imagery.

Kruszewski’s initial education was through technical schools, which led to employment, dismantling chemical weaponry, securing biological agents and processing nuclear waste. Following multiple trips to Central Asia, his tech foundation began to give way to a more artistic pursuit—photography. In March 2012, Kruszewski ended his 10-year stint in engineering to pursue photography full time. Now working globally, Kruszewski has traveled to dozens of countries and documented such issues as Haiti’s earthquake recovery and water crises in Mozambique. He has received many awards, including honors from the International Photo Awards, National Geographic and Travel Photographer of the Year.

To date, Kruszewski’s work has been published by National Geographic Online, National Geographic Expeditions, ABC News, The Wall Street Journal, AAA Living, The Huffington Post, Slate and many more.

The introduction to YPA followed his winning of the Travel Photographer of the Year Best New Talent Award in 2010. The award granted him the opportunity to be part of the 2011 YPA Mentorship Program. As Kruszewski developed his photography career he also maintained communication with the YPA Board Members. In 2012 he joined the YPA Leadership Council, allowing for the opportunity to share thoughts and feedback on various YPA programs and how to successfully implement and execute these objectives.

Kruszewski’s enthusiastic involvement earned him the invitation to join the Executive Committee from former president Jerry Tavin, board member Deborah Free and current president Bob Hendriks. The initial meeting took place on August 15th during the summer retreat of Jerry Tavin, which resulted in a unanimous vote to include Kruszewski.

As both a working, professional photographer and previous YPA Mentorship attendee, Kruszewski’s unique position makes him the perfect liaison between YPA and the young artist who aspire to be successful in their photographic endeavors. These experiences, along with the input of young photographers, will generate ideas and implement programs that will aid in young photographers’ development. Kruszewski is excited to be working with talented YPA Committee Members and Mentees, as well as helping shape the careers of future photography professionals.