2018 Mentoring Program: Silence

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Silence Theme, image © Stacy Swiderski

YPA Awards Announced for 2018 Mentoring Program

Congratulations to our 2018 Mentoring Program winners! YPA is pleased to announce the award winners for our 2018 Mentoring Program. Our theme, "Silence", was enthusiastically embraced by a group of young artists participating in five cities across the United States. Here are the recipients with…
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Sharon Joetama

Silently Assimilating Words & Images © Sharon Joetama. Team Los Angeles. Where are you from? "Korea" Where is home to you? "Here in America" When do you move here and why? 1990, Due to family crisis. What do you miss about Korea? Street culture, friends,…
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Sabrina Nadine Claros

A State of Flow Words & Images © Sabrina Nadine Claros. Team Los Angeles. My goal as a photographer is to capture authenticity: real people being their natural selves. I extended that into this project by capturing people within their element, in a relaxed but…
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Brendan McInerney

A Dream Deferred Words & Images © Brendan McInerney. Team New York No. 1. The work that is presented here is very much a product of collaboration. It is a product of the time and consideration afforded to me by the people pictures more so…
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Max Kristula-Green

Untitled Words & Images © Max Kristula-Green. Team New York No. 1. I grew up a band geek in Tokyo relatively removed from queerness and AIDS. When I moved to New York City and came out in 2009 I started to look for my community.…
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Binita Mandalia

ANXIETY: Breaking the Silence Words & Images © Binita Mandalia. Team Boston. I have suffered from anxiety silently for about fifteen years. I distinctly remember feeling anxious in my eighth grade algebra class and tugging at my eyelashes. Before I knew it, I was missing…
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Elianel Clinton

Queer Youth Words & Images © Elianel Clinton. Team New York No. 1. A year ago I was heavily inspired by a news story that came out about Giovanni Melton, a 14 year old gay teenager who was shot by his own father. According to…
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Joe Librandi-Cowan

Between the Edge and the Shadow Words & Images © Joe Librandi-Cowan. Team New York No. 2. In the quiet moments, hidden between shadows, lies a space designated for thought. These tiny pauses of contemplation offer room for reflection, allowing one to regain a balance…
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