Jerry Tavin

Jerry Tavin – President of YPA & Co-president of Glasshouse Images

Jerry is known for his devotion to maintaining the highest standards in the business of stock photography and never compromising on quality and ethics.

He has had a long, illustrious career in the photography, travel, music and recruiting industries. He was trained as an attorney, and then founded a successful chain of travel agencies. He later moved to Germany and became a music manager for one of the top jazz singers there. After marrying Janou Pakter, Jerry helped launch her successful global executive search firm 24 years ago.

In 1994 Jerry and Janou created nonstock, a high-end worldwide photography collection that offered an alternative to other more traditional stock agencies. The agency was highly respected for its unique, cutting edge and compelling imagery. Currently Jerry is co-president of Glasshouse Images.

Jerry's enthusiasm for photography and his entrepreneurial spirit are unmatched in this industry. He has always been an advocate not just for photography, but for the photographers themselves.

Jerry was given The Picture Professional award of the year for 2008 by the ASPP (the American Society of Pictures Professionals).

Deborah Free

Deborah Free – Treasurer of YPA & Co-president of Visual Connections LLC

Deborah Free is a leading professional in the stock photography industry.Former President and Managing Director of Natural Selection Stock, Deborah developed her knowledge of the imaging industry. Quickly becoming known for her straightforward approach she became a recognized professional in the areas of photographer and agency relations.

She is the co-owner and President of Visual Connections LLC, which offers unique styled events that bring together the buyers of imagery with the suppliers, from around the world.She is a member of PACA, ASPP, NANPA and is Photographer Liaison for StockFood America.

Deborah is driven by her passion for the imaging industry and the wonderful creative people who are drawn to it.

Edward Leigh

Edward Leigh – Co-president of Visual Connections LLC

Edward Leigh has been an IT consultant since 1996, after working as Research and Development Manager at Getty Images. He is co-president of Visual Connections LLC (with Deborah Free).

Recent projects have included developing an online picture library and children's art competition for Look and Learn and developing a classical music recommendation engine for

Edward served on the YPA Executive Board for three years until 2012 and continues to manage the website.

Janou Pakter

Janou Pakter – Founder of Janou Pakter, Inc.

Janou Pakter was born in Amsterdam and was classically educated in music and the arts. She came to New York to found the international global search firm JPI.

JPI is unparalleled in its unique structure. Founded on the international network of talent she began in the late 60s, the company provides clients with customized and highly personalized search facilities. Janou's intrinsic understanding for fashion and creativity combined with her sharp eye and strategic vision have earned the company a unique position within the creative world and won her the reputation for having the best eye in the business.

Her approach to building and nurturing successful relationships is based on the values of respect, honesty and discretion which have brought her great success.

Janou and JPI have established long-term relationships with the top fashion business and design schools internationally, keeping her in touch with the very best new and emerging talent. She has strong affiliations with all the top business and design/art schools internationally.

Founding members

YPA is indebted to its founding members, whose support helped build our foundation:

Amy Love, Aurelie Graillot, Blackburn Donehue, Carolyn Guidoin, Cathy Aron, Cathy Sachs, Cheryl Anderson, Daniella Cunningham, Don Bitzer, Erin Moroney/Axiom, Gail Mooney-Kelly, Howard Tavin Trio, Jasmine Hartsook, Jeffrey Burke and Lorraine Triolo, Jill Waterman, John Dessereau, Jose Azel/Aurora Photos, Joy Goldkind, Kari Pemberton, Katina Houvouras, Kendall Higbee Consulting Services, Khrystyna Chekhlata, Lanny Ziering, Laura Carroll, Lindsey Nicholson, Lynn Brantley and Douglas Tuttle, Lynn Martin, Michael Dougherty, Nancy Wolff, Paddy Vargas, Patti Schuman, Paul Henning, Paul Stavrand, Phyllis Giarnese, Renee Martin, Robert Herman, Sandy Sharp (in memoriam), Sarah Fix, Shannon Fagan, Shannon Mahoney, Sonia Wasco/Grant Heilman, Stanislava Georgieva, Taylor Davidson, Veronika Roux-Vlachova, Yvette Naylor.