YPA 21 Membership Terms & Conditions

YPA 21 Membership

  1. Requirements: Membership to the Young Photographers Alliance (YPA) YPA21 program is limited to young photographers, aged 18 to 29 or recently graduated or currently enrolled in an accredited college photography course, who complete and submit the YPA membership application forms and pay the annual membership fee as stated on the application. The application may be submitted online and the membership fees are payable via PayPal. Alternatively you may submit the application by mail and make payment by check, YPA accepts no liability for any security issues (or breach thereof) or any problems arising out of payment made online. YPA Membership is not valid without payment of the annual membership fee in full. Once the membership application form has been submitted and payment has been verified, membership will be automatically applied and confirmed via email. YPA may change the future eligibility requirements and any future fees or subscriptions payable at any time without giving notice.
  2. Benefits of Membership: YPA Membership is required in order to take advantage of any YPA Member benefits. These benefits include, among others access to the Members' Area of the YPA site, YPA Member discounts from certain suppliers, free access to YPA events, and access to YPA Programs. YPA Member Benefits are subject to change or modification at any time.
  3. Term of Membership: The YPA Membership Term is for one calendar year from the date of registration. If the YPA Member turns 30 years old after registration, Membership will continue to be valid until the one year Membership Term has expired. Membership may not be renewed after the expiration of that Term.
  4. No Transfer: YPA Membership and its associated benefits are not transferable to another individual. As a condition of Membership, you agree that you will not share any YPA Member benefits, nor your password to the Members’ Area, nor any information or data supplied in the Members’ Area.
  5. Members Only Information: The information and forms supplied by YPA on the YPA Members' Area or elsewhere on the YPA Website, are intended solely for informational purposes only. Depending upon your geographical territory and governing law, some advice, information, and or forms supplied on the YPA Website may not be revelant or may be inaccurate. You are advised to seek legal advice before relying on any information and/ or forms from the site. YPA cannot accept any responsibility for your use of the information and/or forms and you release YPA, its advisors, board of directors, officers, employees, consultants, agents, attorneys and contractors from any liability relating to any advice or information you may have relied upon on the YPA Website.
  6. Links: Links to other associations, suppliers, and other related companies on the YPA Website are provided for information and convenience only. YPA cannot accept responsibility for the contents or reliability of the sites linked to, or the information found here. A link does not imply an endorsement of the site.
  7. Suppliers: Although YPA offers its Members' discounts with specified Suppliers in good faith, YPA cannot accept responsibility for any changes to the Suppliers' Terms & Conditions including but not limited to the discounts offered to Members. Some geographical restrictions may apply to these discounts. YPA reserves the right to terminate discount agreements with any Supplier at anytime without any prior notice. If such termination is necessary, YPA will, place a notice on the YPA site.
  8. Member Comments: The opinions or ideas of any Members or other professionals on the YPA Members' Area do not reflect the opinions and ideas of YPA. YPA cannot accept any responsibility for any content, opinions or otherwise, generated or posted in the Members' Area chatroom or any related internet forums. YPA reserves the right to bar Members' from the Members' Area (including but not restricted to the chatroom and forum section of the Website) or terminate Membership without any notice if Members post information that is obscene, defamatory, or deemed otherwise inappropriate by YPA. Termination of Membership (including acces to its Members' Area) is under YPA's sole discretion.
  9. YPA use of Member Content: You grant YPA the non-exclusive worldwide right in perpetuity to use, reproduce, publish, transmit and display the images and any other material (the Materials) uploaded or supplied by you on the YPA Website (or any part of or extract from the YPA Website) or produced on any YPA Programs in any other electronic or non-electronic publication, form or medium determined by YPA from time to time (whether made available free of charge or otherwise), for the purposes of promoting the YPA Website, the work of YPA, your work, for educational purposes, and for other purposes directly relating to the services carried out by YPA and its charitable purposes. You also grant YPA Partners and Sponsors (the Assigns) the non-exclusive worldwide right to use, reproduce, publish, broadcast and display the Materials in order to promote their association with YPA. You agree that no financial consideration is owed to you for any of the above uses. You also acknowledge that the Materials may be loaded onto databases in relation to these purposes. YPA is not responsible for any loss or damage to Materials submitted by you to YPA and YPA has no onbligation to return any Materials. Make sure you have a copy of any Materials submitted to YPA.
  10. Editorial Control: YPA has full editorial control over the content of the YPA Website and its other publications, and over the way in which it decides whether to display the Materials and how Materials supplied by you are displayed. In addition you authorize YPA to change formatting and the way the Materials are presented on the YPA Website, in other publications, YPA promotions, or its Assign's promotions at any time without giving notice, including without limitation by amending the format, size, cropping or resolution of any Materials, or the context in which they are reproduced.
  11. Representations:You represent and warrant that a) you are the owner(s) of the copyright and other intellectual property rights in the Materials (including the digital files, slides, photographs, videos or other reproduction of Materials supplied to YPA) or (if not the case) that you are authorised by the copyright owner(s) to grant YPA the licences in paragraph 5 above, b) you are not aware that the Materials infringe any third party intellectual property rights anywhere in the world c) the Materials are not obscene, libellous or violate any law anywhere in the world. YPA reserves the right to remove Materials at its sole discretion.
  12. Credit: YPA will endeavour to credit you on the YPA Website and whenever the Materials are reproduced or published under these Terms and Conditions whenever possible. YPA cannot accept liability if the Materials are reproduced by a third party but not credited or if the Materials are credited incorrectly.
  13. Not Responsible for Third Party Misuse: YPA will use all commercially reasonable efforts to prevent unauthorised use or reproduction of Materials by third parties but cannot be held responsible for any unauthorised use or reproduction.
  14. Termination: YPA may (after giving you prior warning wherever practicable) remove or suspend your membership and the ability to access services offered by YPA if any subscription or other fees payable have not been paid when due or you are found in breach of any service terms and conditions or rules.
  15. Choice Of Law: These Terms and Conditions will be governed by the law of the State of New York. The parties submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Federal or state courts located in New York, New York courts.
  16. Changes: YPA may make any reasonable changes to these Terms and Conditions at any time without giving notice to you.

YPA Program Terms

  1. Application to any YPA Program (including but not limited to the Mentoring Program and Portolio Review) does not constitute acceptance.
  2. In order to be considered for any YPA Program, it is necessary for the Applicant to be a YPA21 Member.
  3. YPA will appoint a jury to select participants for its Programs. The jury’s decision is final.
  4. There may be geographic restrictions for participation in certain YPA Programs, including but not limited to the Mentoring Program.
  5. YPA reserves the right to rescind any invitations to participate in any YPA Program, if the Applicant does not meet the criteria stipulated on the Application Form or if the Applicant doesn't meet the terms of his or her YPA Membership. YPA can also rescind any invitation to participate if the Letter of Recommendation is fraudulent.
  6. Although YPA takes every care to offer the Programs listed on the YPA Website or otherwise advertised, YPA is under no obligation to run any such Program. YPA can at any time cease the operation of any of its Programs without any notice. YPA is not responsible if for any reason, any of its Programs need to be cancelled once the Program has commenced for reasons beyond YPA's control.
  7. YPA cannot be held responsible for any advice or other information (or the consequences thereof) provided on any YPA Program.
  8. YPA cannot accept any responsibility for any injury sustained during the course of any YPA Program.
  9. YPA is not responsible for any costs incurred during the course of any YPA Program. On some Programs, some reasonable expenses may be reimbursed, but YPA is under no obligation to pay such re-imbursements. Any re-imbursements would need to be agreed in writing in advance with the YPA Program Director.
  10. You agree that if you are selected to participate in any YPA Program, you accept the terms of the Program.
  11. You agree to allow YPA to use any of the Materials you produce during any YPA Program as per YPA Membership Terms & Conditions paragraphs 9-10.
  12. If you are selected to participate in any YPA Program, you also agree that any photographs taken of you, at any time during the Program, may be used without limit by YPA. You acknowledge that you give YPA or any of YPA's Partners or Sponsors (its Assigns) permission to license these images or use these images in any media for any purpose (except defamatory, pornographic, libellous, or otherwise unlawful) which may include, among others, advertising, promotion, marketing and packaging for any product or service. You agree that you have no right to these images of you and that all rights remain with the photographer and YPA. You acknowledge that you have no right to any financial consideration or accounting and that you will make no further claim for any reason against the photographer or its Assigns. You agree that this model release is irrevocable, worldwide, and perpetual.
  13. If selected to participate as a Mentee in the Mentoring Program, you agree to:
    a) Work with your Mentoring Team to develop a project schedule with a target end date.
    b) Work with your team to create a schedule of meetings over the life of the project.
    c) Meet all deadlines as they relate to participation in the Program.
    d) Attend all scheduled meetings and provide advance warning if it is necessary to reschedule any meeting.
  14. YPA reserves the right to remove any Mentee from the Program if the above terms are not met. YPA also reserves the right to remove a Mentee from the program if the Mentees's behaviour has been violent, aggressive or otherwise unacceptable. This removal from the Program is at YPA's sole discretion.

Data Protection Notice

  1. YPA will use and process the personal data supplied by you for the purpose of maintaining and operating the YPA Website. This includes your contact details and other information comprised in the Materials.
  2. You agree that any such personal data and Materials can be stored in the YPA database in perpetuity, or until YPA receives written instruction from you to remove such data (which will entail termination of YPA21 Membership if currently active).
  3. All the Materials supplied by you on Application may be available for public access on the YPA Website except for your contact details. Contact details may however be passed by YPA to selected YPA Partners or Sponsors (The Assigns) who may wish to contact you with work opportunities. Your personal data may also need to be shared by YPA with its service providers.
  4. YPA may contact you from time to time to inform you of work opportunities and to keep you informed about YPA and its services.
  5. By agreeing to the YPA Terms & Conditions when you register as a YPA Member, you consent to the processing of your personal data as stated above.