Inspiring, educating, and empowering the next generation of photographers

All across America there are young people who are passionate about expressing their vision of the world through photography – but every year, it becomes harder and harder for them to do so. The photography industry is chaotic and complicated, with no clear track to artistic and commercial success. Survival often depends on one’s ability to build a small business independently with limited resources and little, if any, access to advice or direction. This lack of support not only affects aspiring photographers directly, it will also have a long-term negative impact on the future of professional photography.

Initially founded in New York in 2009 by Jerry Tavin and Deborah Free, the Young Photographers Alliance was created to inspire and empower young, gifted photographers. Led by industry professionals, YPA provides aspiring image-makers with access to the kind of practical industry knowledge, experience, resources, and contacts they need to build sustainable careers as photography professionals. YPA is unique in its focus on community and the fostering of direct, meaningful connections between emerging and established photographers. Our vision is to create powerful synergies between the two groups, recognizing that collaboration benefits both, and ultimately energizes and advances the profession as a whole.