Joe Librandi-Cowan

Joe Librandi-Cowan

Between the Edge and the Shadow

Words & Images © Joe Librandi-Cowan. Team New York No. 2.

In the quiet moments, hidden between shadows, lies a space designated for thought. These tiny pauses of contemplation offer room for reflection, allowing one to regain a balance between the internal and the external–to work through silent barriers that manifest into daily life, and to process the complexities of contemporary life. Within these spaces, vulnerability is cultivated.

These spaces, while often hidden, can also confuse and obscure. Within moments of transition and turbulence–whether it be emotional, physical, or political–these spaces of safety and vulnerability become compromised, confused, or subverted. They become places of silence–either internally, or externally. By keeping in or keeping out, these shadowed barriers can close off thought, emotion, and understanding.

These photographs, made in spaces that once provided me domestic and inner comfort, have become documents and explorations of the uneasiness, anxiety, and urgency I feel surrounding notions of silence within the context of the modern political landscape and shadow dwelling ideologies. These photographs aim to question what we choose to see, and respond to the uncomfortable, turbulent, new, scary, and vulnerable spaces within and between personal and collective societal thought processes. Within these photographs are distilled moments of personal contemplation, my anxieties over the current political landscape, and my own internal confusions and vulnerabilities.

Quietly, veiled within the shadows of everyday life, but no longer fully obscured, these quiet moments of vulnerability now take on new meaning.