Where Are They Now: Danya Ensing

Where Are They Now: Danya Ensing

Since completing my mentorship program with Young Photographer’s Alliance, I received my BFA in Photography from OCAD University in Toronto, where I learned to fine tune my color darkroom processing and printing skills. While at OCAD U, I participated in an International Arts Collaborations course, where students partner with other classmates located internationally to create lens-based artwork and curate a final exhibition in Osaka, Japan.

Kids on Bikes. Image © Danya Ensing.
Kids on Bikes. Image © Danya Ensing.

YPA provided me with a foundation and general knowledge of working internationally and I have since expanded upon that, with other opportunities to travel and exhibit my work internationally including shows in Toronto, Detroit, Sweden and Edinburgh.

Brush Park. Image © Danya Ensing.
Brush Park. Image © Danya Ensing.
Detroit Boat Club.
Detroit Boat Club. Image © Danya Ensing.

My primary photography interest right now is the urban landscape of rust-belt cities, primarily Detroit. This ongoing body of work documents my ontological experience in the urban space, seeking to navigate the complex social, economic, and political terrain. The photographs encourage the viewer to explore how I engage in, discover, and learn about this 21st century post-industrial environment.

Greektown People Mover.
Greektown People Mover. Image © Danya Ensing.

I utilize the 35mm frame for its filmstrip qualities, which emphasizes the materiality of the analog photograph and fragments the narrative to reference individual parts of a larger narrative stores. All photos are made exclusively in the color darkroom with no digital techniques.

Belle Isle Sunrise.
Belle Isle Sunrise. Image © Danya Ensing.

I am beginning a fellowship in Detroit with the nonprofit Facing Change: Documenting America as well as releasing a publication with a collective I am part of called 23kg50lb.

Brewster Douglass Remains.
Brewster Douglass Remains. Image © Danya Ensing.

Keep your eyes pealed for Danya’s new work, and visit her website at www.danyaensing.com.