Where Are They Now: Joel Biddle

Where Are They Now: Joel Biddle

Since being a part of the YPA mentoring program, I have moved on to study photography at the Arts University of Bournemouth, and I will be graduating next summer. The YPA mentoring program was perfect for preparing me for university as it allowed me to work with undergraduates before I had applied for AUB and I gained invaluable experience that I use almost every day at university. It was my first group project and it was an opportunity that I couldn’t get elsewhere.

JoelBiddle Deconstructed Butterfly
Deconstructed Butterfly. Image © Joel Biddle.

Since coming to the Art’s University of Bournemouth, I have explored the different forms of photography, working with the photograph as an object, camera-less photography, the materiality of the photograph and the photo book. One of my recent projects involved working with taxidermy butterflies. I decided to photograph them but, to take it a step further I wanted to make the photograph three dimensional. I decided to scan the wings and placed the scanned pieces in a way so that the photographic inkjet print could be folded to create an origami butterfly. I presented this work as a “deconstructed butterfly” and a “constructed butterfly”.

JoelBiddle The land and the water
The Land and the Water. Image © Joel Biddle.

My most recent work focuses on lines of the horizon and the interaction between land and water. I was interested in how perspective can connect two entities. By being at the right angle, a photograph can be used to merge a scene, almost making it flat. This is especially evident when lining up objects and architecture with the horizon, which creates the illusion that the horizon and the object are on the same plane.

Line Work 2.
Line Work 2. Image © Joel Biddle.
JoelBiddle Line work 3
Line Work 3. Image © Joel Biddle.

I enjoy working with bodies of water in my photography, and their interaction, particularly when using long exposures to create sublime imagery. The interaction between land and water is fascinating because of the way it isolates. The combination of the two concepts, creating a flat perspective and the interaction between land and water, is something that intrigues me and the project is a work in progress.

I am currently involved in a local group exhibition running at the Factory Studios in Bournemouth beginning on May 15, 2016 and I have begun work on my graduation show for summer 2017.

JoelBiddle Constructed Butterfly
Constructed Butterfly. Image © Joel Biddle.

Please connect with Joel on Instagram via @joel8biddle.