Young Photographers Alliance Answers A Real Need For Monthly Educational Lectures

Young Photographer’s Alliance (YPA) has started offering monthly practical educational lectures that enable young photographers to understand how the business of the industry works, and how they can make a living from their art. A variety of experts have graciously spoken about their experiences in hopes that it will shed light on this complex industry.

The series began at the beginning of 2014 with the help of Steve Girait, an NYC based commercial photographer. He studied advertising photography at Rochester Institute of Technology and moved to NYC in 2002 to pursue his dream of working as a commercial photographer. Girait states, “I started the lecture series with YPA because I feel passionately about helping future generations of photographers better themselves and learn about the business.” He felt that there was a lot of misinformation in the world of photographic education and wanted to share his first hand knowledge and experiences with the young photographic community.

A different commercial photographer, allowing for a wide variety of insight and advice, hosts each lecture. Accomplished photographers have included Evan Kafka, Monte Isom, Kareem Black, Matt Salacuse, Dustin Cohen and Chad Griffith. There has been an overwhelming positive reception for the lectures. Attendees expressed their pleasure to have such a relaxed and honest environment that encourages discussions, Q and A and always with relevant information that can be applied to their own careers.

The success of these lectures has shown both YPA and Girait that this series has become a necessity for the photographic community. Girait states “The YPA lecture series is a creative forum in which young photographers can hear from working professionals about what it really takes to work as a professional photographer today.” Currently the lectures are only offered in New York City, but there are discussions about expanding into other areas.