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2014 Mentoring Program

In 2014, YPA organized mentoring for 12 teams in the US, Canada and England. In all, 46 college photography students received coaching from 27 professionals, photographers and photo editors, over the course of the summer.

The 2014 theme: Boundaries

“There are no boundaries—only possibilities.” — Sakyong Mipham

Boundaries was the theme for this year’s annual mentoring program. The program provides encouragement and assistance to young photographers seeking to establish themselves as professionals in today’s market. This program allows students to communicate, document and offer inspiration to themselves and others through the power of photography. Talented college students and recent graduates will partner with leading photographers and industry professionals who participate as mentors to collaborate on a photo essay around a compelling social theme.

Whether they are physical, psychological, legal or social we all have boundaries that can prevent us from reaching our goals or potential. We can treat them as a limit on personal development or a challenge to be overcome in order to progress. The way we respond to boundaries, our own or those set by other people and society at large, defines our place in society and hence our identity.

“Self-image sets the boundaries of individual accomplishment.” — Maxwell Maltz

You can set, build, respect, move, overstep or break down boundaries. Boundaries draw people together and divide people. They create security and conflict. Moving or removing boundaries can be an act of aggression or reconciliation.

2014 Teams

Boston, MA, United States, led by Kelly Davidson & Stephen Sherman
Valerie Anselme Andrews University
Alyssa Stone Syracuse University
Houston, TX, United States, led by Chuy Benitez & Troy Fields
Manjot Jawa
Matthew Kerkstra
Olivia Tati
Yolissma Vance
Kansas City, MO, United States, led by Mark Berndt & Lucas Cosgrove
Ashley Klaty
Christina Molitor
Los Angeles, CA, United States, led by Laura Doss & Barry Schwartz
Shane King
Marke Liimatainen
Taylor Martin
Erica Meza
New York, NY (team 1), United States, led by Steve Giralt & Andrew Hetherington
Missy Davis Hallmark Institute Of Photography
Alyssa Meadows Penn State University
Andrew Tomasino
Hsin Wang
Logan Wu
New York, NY (team 2), United States, led by Michelle Kawka & Pauline St. Denis
Anna Azarov
Kristjan Tomasson
Slawek Uscinowicz
Pittsburgh, PA, United States, led by Brian Kladorf & Jon Lisbon & Laure Petrilla & Jen Saffron
Allaire Bartel Art Institute of Pittsburgh
Leah Schonauer
Mariah Wild
Portland, OR, United States, led by Zeb Andrews & Joe Wilson
Dave Franz University of Oregon
Wonbin Kim The Art Institute of Portland
Teresa Meier Academy of Art University
Erin Merrill
Salisbury, MD, United States, led by Kevin Fleming & Carl Goldhagen & Bill Wallen
Mary Bell Salisbury University
Sasha Dulyachinda Salisbury University
Preeda Dulyachinda Jr. Salisbury University
Joseph Hodell
Seattle, WA, United States, led by Tim Matsui & Erika Schultz
Hami Bahadori
Daniel Berman Daniel Berman Photography
Andrea Edwards
Anna Erickson the Art Institute of Seattle
Shelby Young
Toronto, Canada, led by Paul Eekhoff & Nation Wong
Katie Doyle
Takumi Furuichi
Geo Romolo
Julia Samson
London, United Kingdom, led by Dan Black & Jasmine Teer
Natalie Allison
Shameela Beeloo
Amy D'Agorne Craghill
Victoria Meades
Taneesha Prince
Jonathan Pryce
Photo © Tessa Jeffers

© 2012 Tessa Jeffers (on theme Hometown)

“It was inspiring to have our mentors be so encouraging with the work we produced. They respected our different aesthetics while still pushing us to dig deeper into our subject matter. I learned more this summer than I normally do all year at school!”

— Tessa Jeffers (Portland ME Team 2012)

“This is an excellent opportunity for emerging photographers. I especially liked the connections to other groups in the program and around the country and overseas.”

— Margot Cheel (Boston Mentor 2011)

Photo © Melissa Hadji

© 2011 Meilssa Hadji (on theme Everything is Energy)

“This program made me realize what it is like to be a professional photographer in the real, non academy world. I am very excited to continue to pursue and become a professional photographer.”

— Melissa Hadji (Denver Team 2011)

“We had a great time! I loved working with Dirk. He is so knowledgeable about the photo scene in Chicago. He has a lot of great ideas to share and was just a blast to work with.”

— Erika Johnson (Chicago Team 2011)

Photo © Kelly Lazendorfer

© 2010 Kelly Lazendorfer (on theme Answering Adversity)

“This experience was one of growth and learning for me. I have no doubt it can help others my age too. So I highly encourage more to come. It was a fantastic experience all around.”

— Kelly Lazendorfer (Pittsburgh PA 2010)

Portland team 2012

Portland ME 2012 team meating

Photo © Justin Sutcliffe

Picture editor, Colin Jacobson editing mentee Magnus Arrevad's work © Justin Sutcliffe